Monday, 20 April 2015

6 Weeks of Cutting with Geoff Obes

Dylan congratulates Geoff on the opening of his new fitness centre

About 2 months ago I decided to start training with Geoff, not knowing what I got myself into. Before, I thought I knew how to train hard but man this guy kicked my butt for the first few weeks. We both decided we want to start getting leaner and with this we also decided to change our gym program.

Where before I would train like we've all been taught, by focusing on individual muscle groups. Geoff helped me to totally break out of my comfort zone and start doing full body workouts that would sometimes last up to 2 hours!
Now here's an example of what my weeks started looking like:

Monday - 1RM Deadlifts + full upper body circuit
Tuesday- 1RM squats + full lower body circuit
Wednesday - full body circuit + cross fit
Thursday - full upper body circuit + cross fit
Friday - full lower body circuit + cross fit

I was blown away by the results I got from training like this for a few weeks. 
After 6 weeks I dropped my body fat from 11% to 4%, I went from only being able to squat 160kgs to squatting 200kgs with PROPER FORM no problem!   

I'm not saying in any way that the old way of training, where we focus on specific muscle groups at a time is wrong or a waste of time at all.

Break away from the norm
All I'm trying to say that we can't keep on training the same way and expect our bodies to change.. Breaking away from the norm is the best thing I could've possibly done for my body.

Geoff has become a very good training partner and friend of mine and I've learnt a lot from him over these last few months.

Make sure to check out Geoff's brand new gym called Legion Fitness Centre that's just opened in Amanzimtoti, where he'll be offering group classes as well as personal training.
New Training gym in Toti

Geoff at the opening of his fitness centre

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