Friday, 5 June 2015

My Top 5 Fat Shredding Exercises

Bench switch side to side step up

With one leg on the bench and the other wide to the side on the ground, bend down and explode up towards the bench, switching feet and coming down to the other side.

Kettle bell swings

Also a very simple exercise, most people get it right within the first few attempts. The most important thing to remember in the keep your back straight, keep your core strong and focus on exploding the weight up using more of your gluteus muscle than your shoulders.

Box jumps

Box jumps are great for getting the heart rate up quickly, also it’s a very simple exercise that most people can do straight away.. by having something to keep your mind busy one tends to forget about how hard the body is working which in turn makes it easier to push your body further, that say running on a treadmill or sitting on a stationary bicycle.

Box push

Keep your head down, dig your feet into the ground  and push as hard as possible to get that box to where it needs to be in the shortest time possible. Make sure to have the proper footwear as it can get very frustrating if you feeling strong and the only thing holding you back is your feet slipping all over the place.

Weighted jumping Burpees

Almost everyone I know hates these, but they will always be my favorite way to get rid of stubborn fat quickly. Go down into plank position then jump your feet forward and explode up with a jump while holding on to the weights

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