Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Deadlift to Increase your Testosterone Naturally

Deadlifting 70% (140kgs) of 1RM (200kgs)  for 8 reps

The deadlift allows you to build muscle and power, strengthen your skeleton and improve your physique. The effect heavy training has on your hormonal system plays a key role in your progress. Hormone levels such as testosterone and growth hormone increase following a heavy deadlift session.

How does powerlifting help your gym progress?

Power lifting style weights training, which means regularly practising the deadlift, the bench press and the squat, leads to improvements in the testosterone response to weights training and to reductions in the rise in cortisol that occurs after training. 

This body adaptation takes place after only a few weeks of training and helps to explain why people who regularly perform compound weights exercises almost always have large, muscular and powerful physiques.

 It is important to remember that heavy training must be balanced with rest and recovery, or other hormones may limit your progress. 

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