Why can't I achieve my goals? Understanding resistance and how to overcome it.

If you know there is something in life you’ve got to do, but still struggling to get there purely because every time you think of it, it becomes a mental struggle to actually get to the thing you really don’t want to/need to do. A good example of this for most people is going to the gym. Especially after a long day or early mornings.

What you are experiencing here is Resistance 

Next time you experience resistance try this 4 step 
method out. 

  1. Get in touch with your feeling of resistance 

First think of the thing you need to do. When you know you need to go to gym and you get that feeling of “I really don’t want to go” close your eyes and think of that specific feeling. 
Now just make a mental note, get in touch with that feeling and realize that all you are feeling right now is resistance.  

  1. Ask yourself, could I let this current feeling of resistance go without doing the thing that needs to get done? 

If you really think about this, most of the time if you keep procrastinating with the thing you really want to or need to do, the answer will most likely be no. It’s almost impossible to answer yes, this thing is always going to come back and bite you in the ass if you keep resisting. 

  1. Would I like to let this feeling go? 

Resistance is a crappy feeling, it makes us feel anxious, stressed and most of all gives us the feeling of guilt most of the time the answer here will be yes.  

  1. When would I like to let this feeling go? 

The obvious answer would obviously be immediately or as soon as possible. 
Really think hard on each of these questions without lying to yourself and cycle these questions in sequence a minimum of 4 times. 
Next time you need to go to gym (or anything else you battle with in life) and you get that feeling of “I really don’t want to go” or your mind starts making up all these weird and wonderful excuses of why you can’t or shouldn’t go or do it. (Trust me I’ve heard all of them) Please try this and ask these 4 questions to yourself in sequence for at least 4 times in a row. You’ll be amazed at how this can change your mind set, prioritize your life and make you realize what unnecessary mental stress you are putting yourself through by constantly procrastinating and resisting the things you just need to get done in life.